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Nigeria is one of Africa's most developed economies, located in the west of Africa. Its capital is Abuja and its other busy cities are Lagos, Ibadan, and Calabar.

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  • Peanuts, cotton, palm trees, vegetables and fruit types, cocoa, rubber grain products, palm and peanut oil, timber and cola nut are produced in abundance.
  • Cocoa is a major part of food exports. It is one of the leading countries of the world in the production of cocoa and rubber. 25% of the territory of the country is suitable for cultivation.
  • Nigeria has the world's 9th largest natural gas reserves.
  • Oil affected positively Nigeria economy. Nigeria is the world's seventh largest oil producer.
  • It has petrochemical and natural gas facilities and refineries.
  • In addition to crude oil, Nigeria also has coal, tin, limestone, and iron mines.
  • Various food items and automobile components are other important export products.
  • Nigeria also earns large revenues from timber, rubber and animal skins.
  • Road transport has improved due to the development of highways.


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